Lilith Gown


This one of a kind pocketed gown is sure to make you feel like absolute witchy royalty while turning a couple heads (and not at the expense of our dearest mother Gaia)! 4 yards of my favorite, buttery, super-luxe, organic hemp / cotton blend were used in the making of this garment.

Size small. Made out of stretchy fabric with malleable wrap closure: will fit an array of body types.

Featuring soft ombr√© dip dye, giant pockets, big belle-sleeves — dark princess vibes for days. It can be worn untied as a dramatic overcoat (I love this look!)

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Hemp/Organic Cotton/Spandex | Runs true to size | Handwash, Lay Flat to Dry

A proprietary blend herbal dye and low impact fiber reactive dyes gives you the best of both worlds ! Easy on the environment and will stand up to sun exposure, alkalinity changes and washing. 

Organic cotton / hemp / spandex blend fabric is as good for the earth as it is for your body.

Hemp is resilient, microbial and fibrous. After a couple washes, yoga practices, or nights of dancing; you will find that your new garment will soften and mold to your body. The more you love this clothing, the more it will love you.


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