New Colors


Amethyst is thought to be a stone of spirituality and contentment. We are very much inspired by it’s metaphysical qualities and simply love the idea of infusing our garments with a similar energy.

To achieve this hue, we strategically layer two of our other natural dyes. We start by boiling the garment in a bath of the beautiful and fragrant madder extract, followed by a quick dip in our indigo vat (More on these two colors in the Precious Coral and Wild Indigo sections).

Burnt Sienna Jasper

Cutch base with shibori indigo overdye.

This color is very much inspired by the contrasting bands that adorn various types of the ancient mineral, Jasper.

To achieve this color, we start with a dip in our concentrated cutch bath, we then intricately tie the garments in a beautiful shibori pattern, and then dip them in our indigo vat.

Our Colors

Carico Lake Turquoise

This color was inspired by the Carico Lake Turquoise, a stone regarded for its beautiful shades of a spring colored lime green running through a sea of blue.

In order to achieve this color, each garment goes through a two color dye process. First they are dyed with a mixture of pomegranate rind, flame of forest petals, and myrobalan fruit turning them a golden yellow. Then they are dipped one at a time in our indigo vat, which you can read more about below under Wild Indigo.

Smokey Quartz

This color was inspired by Smokey quartz, a stone that resonates with the Root Chakra located at the base of your Spine. It can aid you in focusing your thoughts and emotions, as well as assist you in accepting challenges encountered along your path.

We achieve this color by first dyeing the garments with walnut husks and then dipping them in a temperature sensitive ferrous bath to reach the perfect grey color.

Wild Indigo

This color was inspired by the very plant used to dye it, Indigo. Indigo is among the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing. Many Asian countries, such as India, Japan, and Southeast Asian nations have used the plant as a dye for centuries.

We keep our Indigo vat going at all times, adjusting the levels daily to assure we get the most optimal shade. Through subsequent individual dips, we create layers of indigo which create the iconic blue that you know and love. This vat reaction is one unlike any other, as the garments emerge out of the bath they undergo an organic reaction that changes it from a lime green to a gorgeous blue right before our very eyes.

Precious Coral

This color was inspired by precious coral, the common name for the intensely pink varietal of marine coral often used in jewelry making.

We use madder root to achieve this soft pink hue. Madder is considered an heirloom dye plant and is a climbing perennial with evergreen leaves and small pale yellow flowers.

Vanilla Blossom

This natural hue of our organic hemp fabric reminds us of the beauty of the vanilla blossom. Keep it simple with this raw color, but please note items like our Pai Palazzos and Harem pants can be a bit sheer without having gone through the natural dye process.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Stone is a powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone.

Our black is the only color we can not achieve with natural dyes. We source this fabric directly from a dye house here in the United States whose environmental protection policies are much stricter than the dye houses abroad that contribute to much of the pollution that inspired us along this natural dye process.

Quality Control

As you can imagine: colors may vary from the hues you’ve seen on our models in the online shop! Let us know if you aren’t 100% happy with what you get—but please know that we try our hardest to deliver you the most beautiful garment possible.